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30 x 165 mm Training Round for Automatic Guns 2A42, 2A38 and 2A72

The 30 x 165 mm Training Round is intended for training of crews in gun operation.The Round contains no explosive elements.The automatic guns 2A42, 2A38, 2A72 and modifications are mounted on the following carriers:
· Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BMD-3, BTR-80A and  their modifications
· Reconnaissance Vehicle “RIS”
· Air-Defence Complex “Tunguska”
· Attack Helicopters Ka-50 and Mi-28 and modifications

Basic Characteristics


30 x 165 mm

Operational Temperature Range:

-50 to +50°C

Shelf Life:

15 years

Technical Data

Length of Round (max):

293 mm

Weight of Round:

0.817 kg

Shell body with driving band and dummy fuze



Cartridge case:



66 rounds in a wooden case with dimensions: 860 x 380 x 220 mm
Gross weight: 63 kg
Volume: 0.072 cu. m

 25 linked rounds in one metal box with dimensions: 375 x 245 x 340 mm
Gross weight: 37 kg
Volume: 0.0312 cu. m

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