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30 x 165 mm Round with HEI Projectile for Automatic Gun GSh-6-30K (AO-18)

The 30 x 165 mm Round with High Explosive Incendiary Projectile is intended to engage air targets.The round is fitted with distance-armed, delayed action, self-destruct fuze.The ammunition is safe in transport, storage and handling and ensures the reliable performance of the gun systems in all weather conditions.The 30 mm GSh-6-30K, GSh-6-30L and 6K30GSh automatic air-defence guns and their modifications are mounted on the following shipboard gun mounts:
· AK-630
· AK-306
· KASHTAN Air-Defence Complex

BASIC Characteristics


30 x 165 mm

Fuze Arming Distance:

20  to 100 m

Self-destruction Time:

7.5  to 14.5 sec

Operational Temperature Range:

-50 to +50°C

Shelf Life:

15 years


Length of Round (max):

293 mm

Weight of Round:

0.833 kg

Weight of Projectile:

0.389 kg

Propellant Charge Mass:

0.118 kg




High Explosive Incendiary


A-670M and modifications

Explosive filling:

A-IX-2 (RDX)


6/7 fl

Cartridge case:





54 rounds in three air-tight sealed metal boxes in a wooden case with dimensions: 860 x 380 x 220 mm
Gross weight: 60 kg
Volume: 0.072 cu. m


25 linked rounds in one metal box with dimensions: 375 x 245 x 340 mm
Gross weight: 37 kg
Volume: 0.0312 cu. m

Muzzle Velocity:

880 – 900 m/s

Average Pmax:

3200 kgf/cm2

Maximum Range:

4000 m


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