Air-target imitators

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The Air Target Imitators (ATIs) represent targets imitating the flight of a piston-engined or jet-propelled air target and emitting energy in the infrared wave band.To ensure interception of the air target imitator by the rocket in head-on engagements, flare-holders with flares are fitted to its warhead.
Caliber, mm 131
Length, mm 1 505
Range of Flying range, m  from 280 down to 180
flight speed alteration, m/s up to 4 800
Maximum flight altitude, m up to 1 100
Maximum speed in the crossing point, m/s 208
IR radiation source  6 flares imitating IR radiationmounted in flare-holders fitted to the imitator’s stabilizer fin
Visibility of flares, km ensures interception of ATI
Warhead dummy

BM-13 combat vehicle

Wooden case containing 2 pcs. of ATI
Dimensions, mm 1800x 545x320
Weight, kg  126

9x44 flare 6 pcs.

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