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81 mm Mortar Bomb TB81


 The Thermobaric mortar bomb 81 mm TB 81 is intended for defeating of enemy manpower and euipment located in different types of shelters and fortifications, in urban built-up areas, and in the open, as well as for destruction of light armoured and unarmoured vehicles.

Caliber, mm 81
Length, mm 635
Weight, kg 3.3
Fuze AF610

6 pcs of 81 mm Mortar Bomb TB31, each one packed in a container, are packed in a wooden case
Wooden case dimensions, mm 745x325x261
Case weight, kg 50
Case capacity, m3 0.063
Class of explosion hazard: 1.2E, UN 0321

Muzzle velocity, m/s 312
Range, m 5850
Range dispersion from mean impact Bd, m 30
Lateral dispersion from mean impact Bc, m 15
Number of charges up to 6 increments (celluloid, felted fiber) Max pressure 950 bar (with 6 increments)

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