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PROXIMITY FUZE AR-139 for Artillery Ammunition

The Proximity fuze AR-139 is a radio proximity fuze, utilizing the Doppler Effect. This electronic ignition device detonates high explosive ammunition, above the ground, thus increasing the artillery system efficiency.
The fuze completes all types of High Explosive (HE) ammunition for artillery guns and howitzers of the following caliber:
· 122 mm
· 130 mm
· 152 mm
The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.

- Proximity (PRX)
- Point Detonating (PD):  upon selection (optional).

- Point detonating back-up on proximity mode.

- Mechanical by two independent arming mechanisms:
(a) set-back forces.
(b) spin.
- Electronic
Minimum of 0.6 sec. for electronic arming.


- Set-Back Acceleration of 2,000 g min
- Spin Spin rate of 3,500 RPM min
- Safe Separation Distance (S.S.D.) 40 m
- Min. Flight Time for Proximity Function 2.4 sec
- No use of safety wire.  

Power supply
- Air driven alternator.


- Nominal 4m above target (average)
- Other HOB Upon request.

The fuzes have immunity to typical electronic counter-measures.Will not be activated by cloud, haze, thunder or sand storm.

- Operation -20°C to 60°C  (-40°C optional).
- Storage -40°C to 70°C.


- Overall Length 130.0 mm
- Cross Section Diameter 42.6 mm
- Intrusion Depth 46.5 mm
- Weight 0.42 kg


- MIL - STD - 331A Environmental and performance test for fuze and fuze components.
- MIL - STD - 1316C Fuze design, safety criteria.

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