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81 Mm Tb Round

The round with 81 mm mortar bomb fitted with thermobaric warhead for L16A1, US M1 and M8-111 mortars is integrated for defeating of enemy manpower in the open, in urban built-up areas, in fortifications, bad country and vehicles. It causes heavy damage and impossibility to deliver combat thus minimizing civilian casualties. At burst, the mortar bomb creates a peak of overpressure of 50 kPa in a radius of minimum 5 m from the hit point in a open ground or a closed room with a volume of 60 m3. The blast wave is propagated copying the surface contour. In the burst zone, oxygen "Ignites" and the temperature goes up beyond the limit of 800º C. 81 mm TB round is produced in cooperation with "Aheloy OPM" Bulgaria (
Calliber              ( mm ) 81
Length               ( mm ) 635
Weight                 ( kg ) 3.9
Explosive TB/A-IX-2
Explosive weight   ( kg  1,1
Fuse M734A1 PDI or other fuze MO Type
Mortar L16A1, US M1, M8-111
Packing 3 bombs in a plastic container

Muzzle velocity   ( m/s ) 311
Range                  ( m ) min 5400
Precision of range ( m ) 30
Side of deflection  ( m ) 15
Number of charges up to 6 incremental (celluloid, felted fiebre
Max pressure       (bar) 900

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