Rounds for 40 mm Portable Grenade Launchers RPG-7V & ATGL

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Round KO-7V with anti-tank and Fragmentation Grenade KO-7

It is intended for destroying tanks, self-propelled guns and other armoured, motorized and mechanized vehicles as well as for destroying the enemy troops in the open, in trenches, light shellproof shelters and brick fortifications of the urban type. The grenade warhead is a combination of a bursting fragmentation hollow charge and prefragmented steel rings. The warhead is completed with the VP-22M nose-base piezoelectric fuze with an inertial self-destroyer for firing at a distance up to 2000 m. The round is completed with a propelling charge of strip ballistit powder.

Weight of round ( kg ) 2,960
Direct range ( m ) 260
Sighting range at armored materiel ( m ) 400
Armor penetration of steel homogeneous armor ( mm ) 260
Muzzle velocity ( m/s ) 98
TNT equivalent of bursting charge ( kg ) 0,6
Maximum range of fire ( m ) 2000
Number of fragments 1,5÷2 g in weight 270
Effective burst radius:
at enemy personnel in the open ( m )
at unarmoured materiel ( m )


The RPG-7V hand anti-tank grenade launcher equipped with the MUKG combination optico-mechanical sight with an elevation or range micrometer (at the Customer's request) or the MP-1 sight attachment.

6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges )
Dimensions ( mm ) 894x490x248
Volume ( m3 ) 0,100
Weight ( kg ) 36

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