Rounds for 40 mm Portable Grenade Launchers RPG-7V & ATGL

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Round PG-7VT with Hollow Charge Tandem Grenade PG-7Т

The round is intended for use against tanks (including those equipped with ERA), self -propelled guns and other armored materiel as well as for the defeat of manpower of the enemy in covered re emplacements (open wooden trenches, log-& -earth open trenches, fortied buildings, stone, brick and concrete dugouts).After ring the grenade the base detonating systems arm at a distance of 15 m from the muzzle end. On impact with the target the nose fuze of the precursor warhead detonates and the warhead destroys the ERA. The main warhead destroys the homogenous armour of the target.
Caliber, mm
- precursor warhead 
- main warhead

Weight, kg 3,310
Length, mm  1130
Direct re range, m 220
Range, m  300
Muzzle velocity, m/s 90
Temperature range, °C  -40 ÷ +50
Firing rate, rounds/ min  4-6
Fin span, mm 320
VP-22 impact fuze  

Type:  tandem, shaped charge
Penetration, mm
- of rolled homogenous armor + behind armor eect; 
- beyond one layer of of ERA
- concrete or brick
- wood or earth


PRG-7V light antitank grenade launcher

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