Rounds for 40 mm Portable Grenade Launchers RPG-7V & ATGL

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The round is intended for the defeat of covered fire emplacements of the enemy (open wooden trenches, log-&-earth open trenches, fortified buildings, stone, brick and concrete dugouts), light armored and motor vehicles and manpower in shelters or in the open.On firing the grenade the detonating system arms within 25m from the muzzle end, on impact with the target the all-ways mechanism and explosive train of the fuze operate. The detonating pulse is transferred to the dispersion charge that disperses thermobaric mixture in the form of a cloud in the surrounding space creating overpressure of 1.4 – 1.8 kgf/cm2 within 5 m from the centre of the explosion.
Caliber, mm  40x73
Weight, kg  4.4
Length, mm  902
Direct fire range, m  150
Max. range, m 1000
Muzzle velocity, m/s  70
Temperature range, °C   -40 - +50

PRG-7V light antitank grenade launcher
Firing range, rounds/ min 4 - 6

Four (4) rounds in a wooden case ( 4 grenades plus 4 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 760x445x370
Volume, m3  0,0945
Weight, kg 37

TNT equiwalent, kg  2.0

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