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40/90 mm Round RHEAT-7MA1 with anti-tank Grenade GHEAT-7MA1


The 40/90 mm Round RHEAT-7MA1 with Anti-tank Grenade GHEAT-7MA1 is designed for destroying tanks, armoured and non-armoured vehicles. It can also be used against enemy troops and weapon emplacements in trenches, field shelters, reinforced buildings, blindages and stone, brick or concrete-wall fortifications.The Round consist of Anti-tank Grenade GHEAT-7MA1 and Propellant charge CP-73.The Grenade is completed with Sustainer Motor SM-72 and Piezoelectric Fuze AF78(point-initiating, base-detonating).  

Caliber, mm


Warhead calibre, mm


Armour penetration, mm

not less than 500

Maximum sighting range, m


Range of direct firing against a target with 2 m height, m


Weight of the round, kg

2.325 max

Weight of the grenade, kg


Muzzle velocity, m/s


Fire rate, shots/min


Operational temperature range, (C°)

from minus 40°C to 50°C

Fuze type

Piezoelectric AF78

All 40 mm ARSENAL ATGL-L Family and Russian RPG-7V Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers

6 Rounds are packed in a wooden case as follows:

  • 6 Grenades GHEAT-7MA1 (each one packed in airtight plastic bag) are arranged in two layers in the wooden case, and

  • 6 Propellent Charges СР-73 (each one packed in a plastic container, and airtight in plastic bags in two packets of 3 pes each, are packed in the same wooden case).

Wooden case:
Dimensions,mm 895x481x275 
Weight,kg  35
Volume m3 0.118

1.1 F, UN0292

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