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82 mm Practice Mortar Bomb PRACT 82


The 82 mm PRACT 82 has been designed as suitable ammunition for 82 mm caliber Mortars.
The 82 mm Practice Mortar Bomb is ideal for training purpose. It has an inert load and its flight ballistics are identical to those of the high explosive version. It is available with either a live impact fuze, which will indicate impact at target or a inert fuze.
82 mm PRACT 82 can be fired from the following 82 mm Mortars of Russian standard: mod. 1937, mod. 1941, mod. 1943, 52-M-832, etc.

Calibre, mm 82
Body material Cast iron
Weight, kg 3.100
Weight of the inert charge, kg 0.420 approx
Overall length, mm 345
Max. muzzle velocity, m/s:
-  full variable charge
-  long distance charge
Maximum range, m
-  full variable charge
-  long distance charge
3130 4200
Max average gas pressure, kgf/cm2
-full variable charge
-long distance charge
Fuze AF67, A61 or inert fuze

10 pcs Mortar bombs in a wooden case
Case dimension, mm 545x535x282
Case weight, kg 45
Case capacity, m3 0.080
12 pes of 32 mm PRACT-32, each one packed in a paper container, are packed in a wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm 653x440x268
Case weight, kg 56
Case capacity, m3 0.077
Number of fuzes in two air-tight sealed metal boxes packed in a wooden case 64
Case dimension, mm 488x353x151
Case weight, kg 16
Case capacity, m3 0.026
Propelant Charges
500 sets in a metal air-tight sealed can packed in a wooden case
Case dimension, mm 725x526x526
Case capacity, m3 0.200
Case weight, kg 55

82 mm PRACT 82 Range Table /Barrel length 1220mm/
Charge No. Muzzle velocity, m/s Range, m
Full variable charge    
0 75 90-500
1 132 300-1500
2 175 500-2400
3 211 600-3130
Long distance charge 255 4200 max

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