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120-mm HE Mortar Bomb VOF-843B

The 120-mm High-Explosive Mortar Bomb VOF-843B is intended for effective engagement of troops, shelters and  lightly armoured targets. The ammunition is designed for use with 120-mm smoothbore mortars including the following:
· Mod. 1938
· Mod. 1943
· 2B11 “Sani”
· 2S12 “Sani”
· V-24
The ammunition is safe in storage and handling and ensures reliable performance of the mortar systems in all weather conditions.
Caliber: 120 mm
Maximum range: 5 800 m
Operational Temperature Range: -50° to +50°C
Shelf Life: 10 years

2 mortar bombs in a wooden case with dimensions: 945 x 360 x 240 mm
Gross weight: 45 kg
Volume: 0.0816 cu. m
* Fuzes and increment charges packed separately

Fuze: OFZ-2M
Body: Cast Iron
Explosive Filling: TNT
Number of Charges: 1 + 6 Increment Charges
Max Muzzle Velocity: 272 m/s
Max Pressure: 1030 kgf/cm2
Length of Mortar Bomb: 655 mm
Weight of Mortar Bomb: 16.5 kg
Weight of Explosive Charge: 1.4 kg
The mortar bomb is fitted with the OFZ-2M Point Detonating Fuze

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