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40 x 46 mm Round RLV-HEDP with High Explosive Dual Purpose Grenade


The 40x46 mm Round RLV-HEDP with High Explosive Dual Purpose Grenade is intended to destroy the enemy’s tanks, self-propelled howitzers and guns, other armoured and non-armoured vehicles and materiel. It is capable of destroying also the enemy’s personnel located in long-term emplacements, long-term camouflaged emplacements, bunkers, dugouts and buildings.
The rounds are designed to be fired from:
- Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UBGL-M8, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; HK 69; etc.;
- Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UGGL-M1, HK 69A1; M 79; STAR FN SCAR; M320; etc.;
- Multi-shot Grenade Launchers: Milkor MGL; M32 MGL; ARSENAL MSGL; etc. 


40x46 mm Low Velocity, Dual Purpose

Max firing distance, m


Muzzle Velocity, m/s


Overall length, mm

105 max

Weight of round, kg


Explosive filling


Weight of the filling, kg

0.042 approx

Primer type


Powder type

double base

Cartridge case material

aluminum alloy


AF45 - Base detonating, super quick with check action and self-destruction

Arming distance, m

from 10 to 40

Self-destruction time, s

from 14 to 19

Details of arming function

3 steps of safety

Casual radius, m


Armour penetration

50 mm armour plate

Operation Temperature range

from - 43° to + 52° C

3 pcs. metal airtight boxes (40 pcs. in each box), arranged in a wooden case (120 pcs. totally)
dimensions: 875x398x206 mm

Case weight:

47 kg

Case volume:

0.072 m3

Class of explosion hazard

1.1E, UN0006

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