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40x46 mm Round RLV-ILL-WS with Illuminating Grenade


The RLV-ILL-WS Round is intended to provide illumination of the target area in the dark. It enhances the tactical capabilities, contributes for the increase in the effectiveness of the conducted operations.The propellant charge provides the required muzzle velocity of the grenade and ensures its stable flight.After the grenade has been launched out of the grenade launcher barrel and has reached height up to 185 m, the illuminating system gets activated.
The rounds are designed to be fired from:
- Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UBGL-M6, UBGL-M8, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; HK 69; etc.;
- Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UGGL-M1, HK 69A1; M 79; STAR FN SCAR; M320; etc.



40x46 mm


Low Velocity, Signaling with parachute

Overall length, mm

max 134

Weight of the round, kg

max 0.257


pyrotechnical illuminating composition

Weight of the payload, kg

not less than 0.08

Cartridge case material

aluminum alloy

Primer type


Powder type

double base

Candlepower, cd

not less than 90 000

Charge burning time, s

not less than 25

Star flight altitude, m

not less than 185

Muzzle velocity, m/s



pyrotechnical, delay

Time of delay, s


Color of light


Water proof

Lacguer coated primer & sealed top

Operation temperature range, °C

from minus 43°C to 52°C

Class of explosion hazard

1.4 G; UN 0312

3 metal airtight boxes (28 pes. in each box) arranged in a wooden case. 84 pes. Rounds totally in a wooden case

Case dimension, mm


Case weight, kg


Case volume, m3


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