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40 x 46 mm HE Grenade AR406 for Grenade Launchers M203 and HK 69A1

The 40 x 46 mm High Explosive Grenade AR406 provides effective action against enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at distance of up to 400 m. The grenade is fitted with distance-armed, self-destruct fuze.The ammunition is designed for use with the following grenade launchers:
M203 under-barrel grenade launcher mounted on Colt M16 assault rifle
HK 69A1 under-barrel grenade launcher mounted on G3A3 assault rifle
ARCUS 40 UBGL under-barrel grenade launcher on KALASHNIKOV assault rifles AK-47 and AK-74
M79 grenade launcher
HK79 grenade pistol
The ammunition is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the reliable performance of the grenade launchers in all weather conditions.


40 x 46 mm

Maximum Effective Range:

400 m

Radius of Defeat:

not less than 6 m

Operational Temperature Range:

-50 to +50°C

Shelf Life:

10 years

Ballistic Data:

Muzzle Velocity:

76 m/s

Probable Deviation:

1.5 m/s

Average Pressure (max):

250 kgf/cm2



Length of Grenade (max):

102,5 mm

Weight of Grenade:

0.25 kg

Weight of Explosive Charge:

0,042 kg


High Explosive



Explosive Filling:

A-IX-1 (RDX)

Cartridge Case:






120 rounds in three air-tight sealed metal boxes packed in a wooden case with dimensions:

860 x 380 x 220 mm

Gross weight:

47 kg


0.072 m3


Point Detonating, SQ action, Distance-Armed, Self-Destruct.

Arming Distance:

0 to 40 m

Self-destruction Time:

14 to 19 sec

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