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RPG-22 “NETTO” Antitank Rocket Grenade

The RPG-22 antitank grenade is a disposable individual weapon. It is used against tanks, self-propelled guns and other armoured vehicles of the enemy, as well as against the enemy troops in bunkers, light field shelters and brick-wall fortifications. The RPG-22 is a portable weapon carried by paratroopers and parachute regiments. It is equipped with the VP-16/VP-22 fuze.

Armour penetration ( mm ) 400
Direct fire range ( m ) 150
Max. range ( m ) 133
Deployment time ( s ) 8 to 10


8 rounds in a wooden case 

Dimensions ( mm ) 870x690x340
Volume ( m3 ) 0,204
Weight ( kg ) 48

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