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73 mm Round RTB-9MA with Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA


The 73 mm Round RTB-9MA with Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA is intended for destroying the enemy manpower placed in the open or in field type shelters, battle field fortifications, reinforced buildings, stone, brick or concrete fortifications, as well as light armoured vehicles and automobiles.The Round RTB-9MA consists of Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA and Propellant Charge CP-92.The Thermobaric Grenade GTB-9MA consists of Warhead, Fin-Stabilizer and Point Detonating Fuze AF71 (FTM 1).

Caliber, mm


Firing Range, m

4 500

Weight of the round, kg


Weight of the grenade, kg


Average muzzle velocity , m/s


Operational temperature range , (°C)

(from minus 40 to 50 )

Fuze type

Point-detonating fuze AF71 with super-quick and graze (anti- ricochet) function, independent of impact angle

Weapon System

ALL 73 mm ARSENAL ATGL-H , and Russian SPG-9 Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers

6 rounds (6 Grenades, each one packed in an airtight plastic bag and 6 Propellent Charges, each one packed in a plastic container) are arranged in a wooden case.

Dimensions, mm  1065x525x305
Gross weight, kg 64
Volume, m3 0.17
Class of explosion hazard : 1.1 F, UN 0292

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