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Cartridge cal. 5.45 x 39.5 mm

No Caliber,mm Case Bullet (round)type Bullet 
(projectile) Weight [g]
Primer type Bullet (projectile) Speed V‹â‚“› [m/s] Chamber Pressure [kg/cm²] Weapon Cartridge  name
1 5.45x39.5 Steel Bimetal Jacket +Steel core (FMJ/SC) 3.43 “Berdan” V25-880 3050 AK, AR-M1, LMG and
5.45 mm Cartridge with Steel Core Bullet
2 5.45x39.5 Steel Tracer (T) 3.23 “Berdan” V25 -880 3050 AK, AR-M1, LMG and modifications  5.45 mm Cartridge with Tracer Bullet
3 5.45x39.5 Steel PVC-Blank 0.6 “Berdan” - - AK, AR-M1, LMG and modifications 5.45 mm Blank Cartridge



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