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40 mm Round RLV-FM with Fragmentation Grenade


The 40 mm Rounds RLV-FM with Fragmentation Grenade, improved version grenade, provides effective action against enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at distances from 40 m to 400 m. The grenade is self-contained type and is fitted with distance-armed, self-destruction fuze.The ammunition is designed for use with the following grenade launchers:
- ARSENAL UBGL, UBGL-1, GP-25 and GP-30 Underbarrel Grenade launchers mounted on ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M1, AR-M1F, AR-M7F, AR-M9, AR-M9F; AK-74, AKS-74, AKM, AKMS, AK 101, AK 103;
- AVALANCHE Grenade Launcher - revolver type


40 mm Low Velocity, Fragmentation

Calibre, mm


Overall length, mm

max 107

Weight of the round, kg


Weight of the explosive charge, kg


Max Firing distance, m


Muzzle Velocity, m/s


Radius of Defeat, m

not less than 9

Fuze type

AF41 Point Detonating, time and super quick with check action and self-destruction

Arming Distance, m

from 10 to 40

Self-destruction Time, s Operation Temperature range, deqr

from 14 to 19

from minus 50 to 50

Number of rounds in three air-tight sealed metal boxes (28 pcs. in each box) packed in a wooden case - 84 pcs.

Wooden case dimension, mm


Wooden case gross weight, kg


Wooden case volume, m3


Class of explosion hazard

1.1E, UN 0006

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