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40 mm Round RLV- S&F-2 with Sound & Flash Grenade


The 40 mm Round RLV-S&F-2 is intended for use at the times of counter terrorist operations, as well as for catching criminals and hostage release. The Grenade stuns and immobilizes, acts on the psychic stability of the people in the near vicinity by means of loud, temporarily paralyzing noise and blinding flash.The ammunition is designed for use the with following grenade launchers:
- ARSENAL UBGL, UBGL-1, GP-25, GP-30 and GP-34 Underbarrel Grenade launchers mounted on ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M1, AR-M1F, AR-M7F, AR-M9, AR-M9F; AK-74, AKS-74, AKM, AKMS, AK 101, AK 103.




40 mm Low Velocity, Sound & Flash

Overall length, mm

max 134

Weight of the round, kg

max 0.250

Effective range, m

not less than 100

Candle power of sound & flash element, cd


Muzzle velocity, m/s


Operation temperature range, °C

from minus 5a°C to 50°C

Action time of acoustic pyrotechnic element, s

not less than 3

Class of explosion hazard

1.4G; UN 0412

Number of rounds in three air-tight sealed boxes (28 each box), packed in a wooden case-84 pcs.

Wooden case dimension, mm


Case weight, kg


Case volume, m3


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