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40 mm Round RLV- CS-1 with Grenade with CS compositio


The 40 mm Round RLV-CS-1 is intended to be used at time of counter terrorist operations, operations for order restoration, as well as for catching criminals, and hostage release purposes.
The intended use is to obtain the incapacitating effect, i.e. temporarily incapacitating a person, preventing him from active well-directed operations and physical aggressive activity. The Round produces severe irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory tract by a gas cloud with a concentration of irritants CS.
The ammunition is designed for use with following grenade launchers:
- ARSENAL UBGL, UBGL-1, GP-25, GP-30 and GP-34 Underbarrel Grenade launchers mounted on ARSENAL Assault Rifles AR-M1, AR-M1F, AR-M7F, AR-M9, AR-M9F; AK-74, AKS-74, AKM, AKMS, AK 101, AK 103;
- AVALANCHE Grenade Launcher - revolver type. The ammunition can be stored in non-heated storerooms for 5 years, but only if they are kept in the standard packing of the manufacturer.


Low Velocity, CS



Overall length, mm

108 max

Weight of the round, kg


Irritant smoke


Time of active gas emission, s

≥ 12

Weight of pyrotechnical composition, kg


Necessary time for creation of active cloud, s

from 5 to 20

Muzzle velocity, m/s


Max firing distance, m


Radius of defeat, m

approx. 100

Fuze type

AF 49

Arming Distance, m

from 9 to 2S

Self-destruction time, s

from 14 to 19

Operation temperature range, oC

from minus 50°C to 50BC

Class of explosion hazard

1.4G(6.1;8); UN 0301

Number of rounds in three air-tight sealed metal boxes (40 pcs. in each box) packed in a wooden case-120 pcs.

Case dimension, mm


Case gross weight, kg


Case volume, m3


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