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81mm cartridge with volume detonating mortar round and variable propelling charge VDMM-81 to L16A1 mortar is intended to affect manpower in the open and military techniques during march, in concentration regions, points of support, defensive field works, observation points, as well as in urban built- up territories, fortification equipment, in broken grounds and armored machi- nery, causing heavy damages and impossibility to deliver combat minimizing civilian casualties. The damage effect is a result of an overpressure wave prop- agated copying the surface contour and high temperature in the fixed area of deflagrating transformation of the volume-burning composite.
Caliber 81 mm
Length  635 mm
Weight  3.9 kg
Composite  SVT810, HAI or HMI
TNT equivalent  3.0 kg
Fuze  AR-MDH, M734A1 or other fuze MO type
Mortar  L16A1, US M1, M8-111
Overpressure radius >0.4 At  6 m at surface
Packaging  UN certified Single plastic container

Muzzle velocity  311 m/s
Range Max  5400 m
Precision in range (Epr)  30 m
Side deflection (Epd)  15 m
Number of charges  Up to 6 increments (celluloid, felted fiber)
Max pressure  900 bar (with 6 increments)

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