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160mm cartridge with volume detonating mortar round and variable propelling charge VDMM-160 to 160mm mortar MT-13 is intended to affect manpower in the open and military techniques during march, in concentration regions, points of support, defensive field works, observation points, as well as in urban built- up territories, fortification equipment, in broken grounds and armored machi- nery, causing heavy damages and impossibility to deliver combat minimizing civilian casualties. The damage effect is a result of an overpressure wave prop- agated copying the surface contour and high temperature in the fixed area of deflagrating transformation of the volume-burning composite.
Caliber 160 mm
Length  1350 mm
Weight  42 kg
Explosive SVT810, HAI or HMI
Explosive weight  30.0 kg TNT equivalent
Fuze  AR-MDH, M734A1 or other fuze PD/MO type
for VDMM-160 
for VDMM-160B 

160 mm smoothbore mortar MT-13
160 mm smoothbore mortar M-160
Overpressure radius >0.4 At  15 m at surface

Muzzle velocity 
for VDMM-160
for VDMM-160B

245 m/s
343 m/s
Range Max 
for VDMM-160 
for VDMM-160B 

5900 m
8200 m
Precision in range (Epr)  50 m
Side deflection (Epd)  25 m

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