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The anti-helicopter mine AHM-200-2 is designed to destroy low flying
helicopters within a range of 100 m. The mine has two warheads - with cubic
steel fragments and with explosive formed projectile.
The mine has a built-in unified fuse activated by a combined acoustic
and Doppler SHF sensor identifying the helicopter by noise and Doppler signal.
The mine can not be activated by occasional noises, moving people, animals,
ground military machines, etc.
The control system of the fuse is processing and analysing the signals
from the sensors, activating the mine when helicopters appear in it's fighting
range or disactivating it after expiration of the preset operating period.
Neutralization or self-destruction of the mine at the end of the operation period
can be chosen and are field programmable. The mine explodes also in case of
attempts for moving or disassembling during the period of fighting state.
The mine is placed on a stand permitting orientation of the combined
sensor in a definite direction.
* In the optional variant with radio control the mine activation, neutralization or
explosion can be initiated by radio-channel.

Acoustic sensor range, m up to 500
Doppler SHF sensor range, m up to 150
Safe time after setting in fighting condition, min 35
Maximum period of fighting state, days 30
Operation temperature range, oC from -20 to +50
Storage temperature, oC from -40° to +60
Storage without maintainance:
- in storehouse, years 10
- under shed, years 2
Time for setting from transport into fighting state, min 15
Options AHM-200-1RC
One-way radio remote control of the functions - activation
- neutralization
- explosion
Distance of the radio-control operation min 2 km (at direct visibility)

Range of destruction, m up to 100
Steel fragments weight, kg 23,5
Weight of mine in package, kg 90
Destruction probability, % 0,85
Height of warhead & stand, m 0,75
Warhead dimensions (l/h/ w), mm 700 / 315 / 200
Explosive type TNT

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