Aviation Bombs


Illuminating bomb  SPM-100H is designed for illumination of the area with purpose conducting aerial visual reconnaissance and target bomb  dropping at night.Usage of the illuminating airbomb SPM-100H allows the Air Forces to conduct combat operations 
independently or working with Navy ships  and coast Guard at night.The glow  force system  of the airbomb is enough for visual detection of submarines located  at periscope depth at night. The detection is performed from high altitudes.It allows  bomb dropping equipped with a rifle daysight from 5000 m height, or with an objective peep - sight  from 6000 m height.The glow  force system is sufficient in order to conduct aerial reconnaissance of ground targets with a tactical radius. Settlements, forrests and towers  are well visible.Initial permissible altitude of the illumination of the SPM-100H is 1300-1500 m. It is not recommended using the SPM 100H during rain, snow, fog.When needed SPM-100H can be used as an illuminating parachute target  for heat-seeking missiles in battle -firing practice.
Type of Flare bomb SPM-100H
Weight of bomb without fuze 80 kg
Weight of flare agent (basic charge) 29 kg
Length of bomb without fuze 1090 mm
Diameter of bomb body 280 mm
Diameter of the fuze 64mm
Type of fuze (Compatible with Flare bomb) ADZ-5 with a programmer PP-5
Fuze installation hole in the bomb L-21 mm
Diameter of the fuze installation hole SP- 26x16 windings in 1 inch
Lug system (interface) with the aircraft Single lug
Min power of luminosity of torch system, cd 3 000 000 cd
Number of flares 1
Combustion time of illuminator Minimum 5 minutes
Average dropping velocity of illuminator 4m/sec
Maximum permissible altitude of bomb dropping
Max 10 000 m
Dropping speed of aircraft 550 km/h (IAS)
Minimum wave length of candle light 560 nm
Characteristic time 23.1 sec

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