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Aviation concrete breaking bomb BETAB-500 has been intended to conduct military target bombing
in day and night conditions that carriers equipped with external multiple-closing bomb holders with
pyrotechnic electro-management system fuzes.BETAB-500 has been designed for destruction of highly protected buildings with reinforced concrete covering in which penetrates and subsequently destroyed, and also runways for flying off and landing of aircraft, forming pits, folding and lifting of concrete or asphalt coatings.The product is with two points for suspension of external bomb holders.
Caliber, kg 500
Length, mm 2225
Body Diameter, mm ø 350
Tail fin span, mm 450
Characteristic time, s 20,6/2 
Explosive weight, kg 76
Bomb weight, kg 475

Bombs - 1 pc in a wooden lattice case.
Case dimensions, mm 2415 x ø700
Volume, m³ 0,93
Gross weight, kg 580

Fuze (AVU-ETM) – 16 pcs in a wooden case.
Case dimensions, mm 660 x 590 x 180
Volume, m³ 0,07
Gross weight, kg 52

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