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60 mm HE Mortar Bomb AR-M60

The 60 mm High-Explosive Mortar Bomb AR-M60 is intended for engagement of troops in open or in light shelters. The ammunition is designed for use with the 60 mm smooth-bore mortars, including the following:
· M2
· M19
· M224
· Hirtenberger “Commando”
· Hirtenberger M6-111 and M6-211
 The ammunition is safe in storage and handling and ensures the reliable performance of the mortar systems in all weather conditions.
Caliber: 60 mm
Maximum Effective Rang 3100 m
Operational Temperature Range: -50 to +50°C
Shelf Life: 10 years

10 mortar bombs in a wooden
box with dimensions 420x400x200 mm
Gross weight 25 kg
Volume 0.034  m3
* Fuzes and increment charges  packed separately

Elements Of Mortar Bomb
Fuze M-6H, AR-MDH 
Body Cast Iron 
Explosive Filling TNT
Number of Charges 1 + 4 Increment Charges

Ballistic Data
Muzzle Velocity (max) 222 m/s
Maximum Pressure 450 kgf/cm2

Technical Data
Length of Mortar Bomb 300 mm
Weight of Mortar Bomb 1.6 kg
Weight of Explosive Charge 0.2 kg
Average Number of Fragments 500 pcs

The mortar bomb can be fitted with the following fuzes:
M-6H Point Detonating Fuze
AR-MDH Point Detonating, Distance-Armed  Fuze

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