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V-15 Fuze

The V-15 fuze is used with 122mm and 125mm anti-tank hollow-charge grenades and serves to detonate the warhead on impact with the target. The fuze is a safety, impact, piezoelectric type with distant arming.

It is activated at an angle of impact with the target from 0° up to 70°
Action: percussion-instantaneous
Type: piezoelectric
Distant arming             ( m ) 2,5÷40
Height of safe fall        ( m ) 3
Weight                       ( kg )  
      piezogenerator 0,0882
      base part 0,170

80 piezogenerators in 4 boxes in a wooden case
56 detonator units in 4 boxes in a wooden case
Weight                     ( kg ) 20
Dimensions             ( mm ) 520x490x171
Volume                     ( m ) 0,044

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