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MRV-U Fuze

The MRV-U fuze is designed to complete the high-explosive fragmentation rocket projectiles 9M22U (GRAD).The fuze ensures warhead detonation upon impact on a barrier.It is a nose fuze.

Type Mechanic, with distant arming
Effect Three settings (for fragmentation effect; for high-explosive effect with a short delay, and for high-explosive effect with a long delay)
Distant arming It is done along the trajectory straight upon the termination of the operation of the projectile rocket motor.
Height of safe falling, m  5
Fuze weight, kg 0,710

Overall and connection dimensions:
Connection thread, mm Sp Ðœ 44,96 Ñ… 2
Detonating primer diameter, mm Ø 29,5max
Maximum length, mm 195

16 fuzes in 4 metallic boxes placed in a wooden cased
Gross weight of the wooden case, kg 25
Overall dimensions, mm 520x490x171
Volume, m3 0,044

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